About EPIC

EPIC is the leader in embedded die technology with strong early patents and ongoing innovations.  EPIC currently holds eight patents covering chips-first packaging. U. S. patent 5,841,193 broadly claims the basic chips-first structure.  EPIC’s recently awarded U. S. patent 7,619,901 broadly claims the basic structure of second generation, 3-D chips-first packages.

Wireless applications’ exploding worldwide growth has focused the packaging industry on embedded die technology.  This “chips-first” technology provides the reduced size and improved electrical and thermal performance demanded from today’s wireless IC's.  Additionally, it houses wireless systems in a single package.  It does all of this and also offers significant cost savings by eliminating both wire bonding and flip chip bumping and by reducing layers at the board level.

These benefits are why the development and commercialization efforts of semiconductor manufacturers and packaging subcontractors, which have been touted in the press and at conferences for so long, are finally getting traction in the form of volume production.

In 1994 EPIC’s founders foresaw these benefits and recognized the need to develop a simple, low manufacturing cost, chips-first package technology.  In 1996, EPIC started using the technology it developed to design and manufacture single chip and multi-chip, chips-first modules to meet the demanding requirements of its customers.  Since that time, EPIC’s in-house manufacturing facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, has continued to provide quick-turn services for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing.

EPIC’s ChipsFirst™ technology has been extended to include not only single-chip-layer packages (CF1™) but also second generation packages (CF2™), which provide vias through the structural material to enable 3-dimensional (3-D) stacking of chip layers.  These EPIC technologies offer cost, size, and performance advantages across a wide spectrum of market,s including logic/processor, analog, power management, power discrete, power amplifiers, rf wireless, and memory.

To proliferate the use of EPIC ChipsFirst™ technology, EPIC espouses a broad-based licensing strategy.