Design and Manufacturing Services

EPIC designs and manufactures CF1™ and CF2™ modules, implementing its customers' circuit design. EPIC starts with bare chips and surface-mount components and produces single chip, multichip, or system-in-a-package modules. These modules are ball grid array components ready for surface mount assembly by the customer or his contractor. Or the modules may be assembled by EPIC into a CF2™ system-in-a-module along with other standard surface-mount components.

Complete Digital or Mixed Signal Systems

The CF1™ process begins by building a "Process Panel" with bare chips placed as little as 5 mils apart. The process panel has a planar upper surface comprising the tops of the chips and a structural material. A multilayer interconnect can be fabricated on the top of the chips and structural material with the first layer of interconnect making direct electrical contact to the chips. A single layer of metal is needed for a simple single chip package. These may be used to reduce board area compared to a chip-on-board assembly. Up to six layers of metal may be needed for a complex digital module with multiple power supplies, such as the one shown at the right. In either case the final product delivered is a solder-bumped package ready for surface mount. The technology features 25 micron lines and spaces with smaller features available for tight routing areas. IC pad pitch down to as little as 45 microns, and multiple pad rows can be accommodated.

3-D Mixed Signal Modules

CF2™ technology can be used to produce complex, high performance, mixed-signal modules. The low-loss interconnect technology has been characterized up to 50 GHz, and the basic structure is ideal for thermal management.

Value - Versatility - Verified

In 1996, EPIC began using its proprietary chips-first technology to design and manufacture single chip and multi-chip modules to meet the demanding requirements of its customers.  Since that time, EPIC’s in-house manufacturing facility in Woburn, Massachusetts, has continued to provide quick-turn services for prototyping and low-volume manufacturing. EPIC's modules are proven in the field in critical government systems. The cost and development cycle time compares favorably to other low volume, miniaturized assembly services. Please contact EPIC to discuss your application.